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Central to Xu Shen`s thought is the contrast between qui (motif 文) and zi (sign 字), in fact these opposing categories of graphs are mentioned separately in the title of the book. Even today, there is disagreement over the exact definitions of the two terms. The Song Dynasty scholar Zheng Qiao (鄭樵) first presented the interpretation that wen and zi are the difference between non-compound and compound characters. [7] More recently, other researchers such as Françoise Bottéro (2002) have argued that the addition of a specific phonetic element (and therefore not just the mixing) marks the main difference between who and zi. [8] From this original binary contrast, Xu Shen formally delineated the six categories (六書) of Chinese characters for the first time. And consider yourself very lucky if you start a game with MUZJIKS. This word (definition: Russian pawns) is the highest possible opening word – 128 points when played without spaces wird.za by the way, is the country code for South Africa (Zuid-Afrika is Dutch for “South Africa”), but abbreviations and codes are not acceptable on the SCRABBLE board. Some fingerprints speak of the polarization around the vaccines themselves. “Vaxxident” (a road accident allegedly linked to vaccine side effects) has so far been seen mostly on vaccine-skeptical websites, while “splayneck” and “anti-faxxer,” relatively rare derogatory terms for vaccine skeptics and Covid deniers, may be more common on liberal blue lips. My apologies to Jab, Shot and “Fauci ouchie”. Oxford Languages` 2021 word of the year is “vax”. Special thanks to Chris Cree and John Chew of the North American SCRABBLE Players Association for their advice and suggestions for this list.

In the dictionary itself, each entry first indicates the meaning of the character and alternative spellings. It also takes into account the meaning of a sign, sometimes pronunciation, and cites examples of its use in classical texts. The strategic player will evaluate which anagram performs best, which is most likely to be challenged, and which best achieves the board strategy the player wants. Rate your copy of the official SCRABBLE® Player Dictionary and study all the playable words! This year, however, it was time to crown a single word again. “The word vax has injected itself into the blood of the English language more than any other in 2021,” Oxford said in a press release filled with puns. ZA is the most played word containing the letter Z (and the only playable word with two letters containing the letter Z) in the tournament`s SCRABBLE game. Members of NASPA`s Facebook community shared some of their favorite hooks: The report cites neologisms such as “vaxxie,” “vaxinista,” “vaxinista,” and “vax(i)cation” and “inoculati.” Some may fade and never appear in the dictionary. But others — like “Strollout,” which gained traction in Australia in May because of frustration over slow vaccination programs — could become useful in a wider variety of contexts, McPherson said. The meaning of the SCRABBLE hook is not found in standard dictionaries, but it is defined by the North American SCRABBLE Players Association as follows: The language of vaccines shows the power of English as a global language. But even in English, there are still pockets and subbags of regional differences. As a Scot, McPherson was enthusiastic about “picking,” much to the confusion of her English father-in-law.

Xu Shen (c. 58 † c. 148) was a Chinese calligrapher, philologist, politician and writer of the Eastern Han Dynasty (25–189). He was born in Zhaoling District, Run`an Prefecture (present-day Luohe, Henan Province).[1] During his lifetime, Xu was recognized as an outstanding scholar of the Five Classics. He is the author of Shuowen Jiezi,[3][4] the first complete dictionary of Chinese characters, as well as the first to organize entries by radical.[2] [2] This work continues to provide researchers with information on the development and historical use of Chinese characters. Xu Shen completed his first draft in 100 AD, but waited until 121 AD before his son donated the work to Emperor An of Han.[2] [5] Amid an explosion of Covid-related puns, the publisher of the Oxford English Dictionary crowns “vax”. Getting a rack with these seven letters can be considered a SCRABBLE bull`s eye. RETINAS has eight accepted anagrams – ANESTRI, ANTSIER, NASTIER, RATINES, RETAINS, RETSINA, STAINER and STEARIN – meaning that nine different words can be played with the same seven letters. “People win games by taking advantage of the opponent`s mistakes.

Knowing the particularities of our language is a huge advantage over those who don`t,” said Chris Cree, SCRABBLE Champion. SCRABBLE players don`t just add S to the end of a word. A single letter can cause surprising changes in the meaning or sound of a word. G can be attached to the back of ASPIRIN to form ASPIRING, and P can be attached to the front of IRATE to form PIRATE. Xu Shen`s desire to create a comprehensive reference book led to the Shuowen Jiezi (說文解字). The Shuowen does not have a standard English translation and is sometimes rendered: “Explain graphics and unravel written words” or “Explain graphics and analyze characters”. [1] The unifying principle behind each part of the vast project, as Xu Shen writes in his Afterword, was “to establish definite categories, to correct false concepts, for the benefit of scholars, and for the true interpretation of the spirit of language.” [5] It is intended to be a complete work, comprising 15 chapters and more than 9,000 small seal entries, and includes a preface and afterword. [5] [2] Xu intentionally listed keywords in pre-Qin characters to provide their earliest possible forms, thus allowing for the most accurate interpretation possible. It was one of the first character dictionaries to study character development in detail and streamline the “six categories” approach to analyzing Chinese writing.

[7] He also created a system of 540 semantically organized radicals. [1] “And as a lexicographer, it`s also very productive,” she continued. “You see it`s used in all sorts of combinations to form new words.” X is a very powerful tile: the five vowels work with the eight-pointed X to form words with two letters (AX, EX, XI, OX are the other four words). When the X tile is used in a two-letter game that overlaps with the X at a three-letter score, the player almost always gets at least 52 points. Players who develop their SCRABBLE skills can memorize the six-letter bingo tribes that can produce the most bingos. For example, the letters AEINST can be used to create 70 different bingos with 23 different seventh letters. : a stuffed and fried dumpling (plural: GYOZAS) In our time, “vax” – unlike “box”, “tax” and many other words – usually takes on a double x in inflected terms such as “vaxxed” or “anti-vaxer”, in line with the trend towards “doubly expressive” that has become common in some contexts (especially in digital communication terms such as “doxxing”).