Words Ending Law

The process of searching for words that end in law is similar to our other word lists. We use a large word file with possible candidate words and find those that match your search, in this case all words that end in law. As with the other options in our word search, the dictionary can sometimes contain strange words – but rest assured that they are real words! All words are valid in word games like Scrabble, and the vast majority are also valid words with friends. A list of words that end in Law for Scrabble that can also be used when playing words with friends. Here is a list of words that end with the law in all lengths. A person with traits associated with the house of the , including intelligence, creativity and love of learning, or an affinity for eagles or the colors blue and bronze. The wife of the uncle or aunt (brothers and sisters of the parents). A legal successor is a person who has the legal right to inherit the property of a person who dies without inheritance. A Silesian town in today`s southwestern Poland. and Poland.}} The son-in-law of a brother or sister or brother-in-law. Internet law and computer crime, including issues such as intellectual property and blurring international boundaries.

Someone who habitually violates minor laws or does not respond to trivial court summonses (such as parking tickets). A regulation is a local customary law or the law of a colony or district. Large law firms and their work, specializing in several areas of legal practice. A cat`s claw is an acacia native to most border regions of the United States and Mexico. A claw is a curved hornnail pointed on each finger of the foot of a mammal, reptile or bird. A devclaw is a stunted number, hoof or claw that does not reach the ground. A set of binding rules, customs and standards established in a Community by its legislative and judicial authorities. Claws mean scratching or tearing anywhere with claws or nails. Declawing means removing the claws surgically. Any degree program taken by a student to study at a law school.

A metalaw is a proposed set of legal rules that govern the relationships between the different races of the universe. One of many passerines of the genus Macronyx that have long hind claws A son-in-law is related by marriage (or affinity). Last parent; affine. A coin in law is a distant mother-in-law: a relationship by marriage with a separation of three degrees (two people), compared to the prototypical in-laws where the separation is two/one. The separation can be two degrees of consanguinity and one degree of marriage (which is addressed to the mother of the girl`s husband) or one degree of blood and two degrees of marriage (with the brother-in-law of the brother`s brother or similarly to the wife of the husband`s brother). The part of Britain where the laws of the Scandinavians dominated those of the Anglo-Saxons. Neurolaw is an emerging field of interdisciplinary study that examines the impact of discoveries in neuroscience on legal rules and norms. An online legal research service most commonly used to search and retrieve U.S. jurisprudence, but also provides full access to laws, regulations, and secondary sources that deal with law.

A kinilaw is a Filipino ceviche dish consisting of diced raw fish marinated in vinegar or calamondin juice with vegetables and spices.