Why Work in Legal Recruitment

If lawyers are reading this and have questions about what a recruitment career might look like for them (we`re still hiring!), give me a call or message anytime for a confidential conversation. In this job, you can go out every night of the week to expand your contacts and improve your profile. It`s a constant joke in the office that every time I go on vacation, I meet a lawyer I know or create a new “legal” bond. I`ve always treated recruitment like my own business, even when I worked at Michael Page and was a small wheel in a big global cog. Once I understood all of this, I sat down with a handful of legal recruiters who managed to measure all my own priorities against the nuances of the day-to-day and financial aspects of recruiting. I came out of all these discussions energetically and made the decision to take the plunge. When I was a newly graduated lawyer (24 years old) in a law firm, I looked up and thought it would be a long time before I saw any equity investment. I wanted to work hard, but I also wanted to enjoy it as quickly as possible. In recruitment, you will be given an “office” that you can develop. One of the main reasons is that a recruiter focuses on many more people than a lawyer. I liked the idea that I wouldn`t necessarily be stuck behind a desk all day, taking a contract and doing the same job. Another reason is that you have more freedom and control over your desk and work style, which is in contrast to a lawyer where your workload and style are dictated by a partner or client. I also liked the self-motivation aspect of being a recruiter, in the sense that you can reap the rewards of your efforts directly.

While not all recruitment companies are in the same position and I can only speak for Lateral Link, inexperience in the recruiting world is greeted with constructive help rather than contempt. We work together to help each other, and many of the agreements we facilitate are shared between two recruiters who have tackled the task together. For example, my colleague Ryan Belville and I are working on possible combinations of law firms. Two other colleagues, Bruce Lubin and Zach Sandberg, are working on an acquisition in Mexico City. Many of my colleagues work with local knowledge and regional relationships. My point is that we work as a team. Our team even meets every year from all over the world to enjoy a corporate retreat together in a changing place. Candidates do not have to pay to work with a legitimate legal recruiter. Instead, the law firm or organization that wants to hire pays the headhunter a commission based on salary or a fixed fee.

Thus, cost shouldn`t be a barrier to working with a recruiter if you`re looking for a legal job. A legal recruiter, also known as a legal headhunter, helps job seekers find vacancies at law firms and other organizations that need legal expertise. Because of their long-standing relationships with companies, legal recruiters often inquire about positions before they are posted publicly (and some that are not publicly advertised at all) and can give their candidates a head start on the application. Thanks to their knowledge in this area, legal headhunters are better able to assess a candidate`s probability of success in a role than a general headhunter or HR representative, which increases the likelihood that they will be hired. Going from practicing lawyer to legal agent can be one of the best decisions you will make in your professional career. Maybe it`s time to consider another way to use your J.D., earn a lot of money and get up and go to work every day! Finding and applying for legal jobs can be time-consuming and stressful. A legal recruiter can focus on your specific skills to find a job that is a perfect fit for you. If you`re working on your current job while you`re trying to find a new job, you`ll run out of time from the start. A legal recruiter allows for a more efficient job search and gives you someone to share the work with.

For me, after 10 years of total dedication to studying and then working in law, it is because I had to accept the fact that it was probably not for me. I wasn`t happy going to work, I watched my colleagues progress faster than me and, above all, I didn`t feel like I was playing to my strengths. LHH hires legal recruiters in offices nationwide. Contact us today to learn more about how you can join our team. I`ve wanted to write this article for some time. Partly because whenever I mentioned my career in recruitment to my university friends, she always breathed a sigh of despair. Especially because when I finished my LLM, there was very little information for graduates about what it`s like to work in legal recruitment. If you want to work in a specific city, make sure you choose a recruiter who has connections there.

Personal relationships are everything in the legal realm, so it`s crucial to work with someone who has influence in the local market. I`m skipping the part of the story where my own conscience tests and coffee meetings with 30+ professionals from various industries finally led me to stumble upon legal recruitment. What`s interesting is that I emerged from this process with a four-element framework that I decided everyone needed to have a new career.