Michael Schumacher is currently: 6. Anniversary of the Skiunfalls! THIS Schumi-News moving the Fans.

Michael Schumacher is currently: 6. Anniversary of the Skiunfalls! THIS Schumi-News moving the Fans.

Six years have passed since the serious skiing accident of Michael Schumacher. Still, his fate moves the masses. But how to do it Schumi today?

What news there was in 2019, from the house of Schumacher?

It’s a fate was a misty day, exactly six years ago, of the life of Michael Schumacher complete on the head. 29. In December of 2013, the formula 1 legend’s skiing in the French Alps in a serious skiing accident. The fall drama was followed by tables scenes: Emergency Operation, danger to life, brain injuries, coma.

Weeks later, Michael Schumacher is waking up finally. Another year later, he is allowed to go home. Since then it has become quiet around the seven-time formula 1 world champion.

Michael Schumacher News now – no information on the current state.

Although Fans of the Schumi-again and again the call for information on the state of health of the 50-Year-old, but the family remains silent. 27. Dezember 2019 – Leben Hack “Michaels health is not a public issue, and therefore we will not speak of us continue to do this,” said Schumis Manager Sabine Kehm already in 2016 . “For that reason alone, because we need to protect the privacy of Michael, as far as possible.”

Open Words! Corinna Schumacher breaks her Silence.

However, even if there is no news on Michael Schumacher’s current health condition: Schumi-News there was in the last year, however, enough of that. So Schumis wife Corinna reported more than once in public. The Highlight here is likely to be definitely the double-Interview with her daughter Gina-Maria . Together with the 22-Year-old she was the People magazine “Gala” to answer and found touching words about the man Michael.

Ex-Schumi-Manager Weber: “We are Michael goodbye”

Also Schumis former Manager Willi Weber reported more than once in this year to word. He often think of his protégé. Most recently, he was in an Interview in mid-November, confident that we will Michael Schumacher be again one day . “I know that he is a fighter by nature.

If there is a Chance, he will use you. This can’t be the end. I pray for him, and am convinced that we will see him again,” says Willi Weber back in the “Express”Interview.

Film about the life of Michael Schumacher 2020 finally in the cinema.

Schumi-Fans can look forward already now to the new year. Because of the Film about Michael Schumacher’s life, which is actually at 5. December 2019 should be up and running in cinemas , will be seen in 2020, finally, on the canvas, but only in the last quarter. In the Schumacher Film is also, as yet, never shown the picture material is from the private family archive. Also wife Corinna, father Rolf and his children Gina and Mick to come to word .

Schumi-son speaks in plain text! SO he thinks about his father.

What Mick Schumacher thinks about his famous father, he has made in the past year, already more than once significantly. Through his racing career, Schumi is compared, the son inevitably with his famous father. For the 20-Year-old is not a Problem. “On the contrary, My dad is my role model. He was there, where I want to go. He has never stopped, to the Interview itself and getting better and better,” says Mick Schumacher is in a “Sport Bild”.

On the way there he is, in any case.

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