Farming Simulator 19 overview

Farming Simulator 19.

Farming Simulator 19.

The full package of country lust.

With the 2019 edition, the successful farming simulator wants to raise the bar in the genre even more and …

Farming Simulator 19.

All information: This is new in LS19.

The new Farming Simulator 19 will be released on November 20th and has a lot of innovations in the bag.


From November 12, 2020, all farming simulator fans will be able to breathe fresh alpine air when they use the Farming Simulator 19: Alpine Agriculture Add-On from the independent Swiss development studio GIANTS Software to create a brand new alpine game environment with many new activities, vehicles and machines discover. The gameplay trailer, which introduces players to the alpine grass harvest and the appropriate vehicle fleet, gives a first impression.

With “Alpine Agriculture” the Farming Simulator 19 is getting a big new add-on.

As in the last few weeks, this week you will of course get an overview of the current free promotions and Free Play Days.

The seasons now also land in the console version of Farming Simulator 19.

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